Tom Ruddell

Tom is the Lead Remanufacture Engineer at EGG Lighting in Glasgow and has been heavily involved in developing the company’s ground-breaking remanufacture program. Tom graduated as an integrated design engineer (MEng) from the University of Bath, where his interest in remanufacture culminated in prototyping an autonomous textile repair system. Having worked in automotive design, R&D consultancy and a sustainability start-up aiming to eradicate microplastic pollution, Tom is a multidisciplinary problem solver and listed inventor with an industry-agnostic mindset.

Having been focussed on sustainability since a childhood fascination with renewable energy, he believes that the lighting industry can put circularity at the heart of every building in the world.

EGG Lighting see circularity as a core part of the company’s business model and have worked alongside local and national organisations such as Zero Waste Scotland, Circular Glasgow, the Scottish Institute for Remanufacture and Innovate UK. EGG Lighting was recently awarded the Build Back Better “Gold Green” award for their Remanufacturing process and kicked off the development of a lighting-specific remanufacture standard with the BSi.