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Circular Lighting Live 2024


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Delegate feedback from Circular Lighting Live 23

Read what the delegates had to say….

It’s great that many of us seem to be heading in the right direction. but there is a lot more clarity needed. What an event to have many people from across our industry coming together to move in a more circular direction.
Graeme Stears, Technical Manager, LightGraphix

Circular Lighting Live delivered on its promise of bringing the circular economy to the forefront of the lighting industry. As an industry we have to take notice and do more, and this event was a great first step, on a no doubt eventful journey.
Alex Ings, Technical Manager, Synergy Commercial Lighting

A fantastic conference. To experience a day packed with so many thought provoking discussions, panels and ideas, was hope-inspiring.
Sarah Cain, Carbon data/ Sustainability Manager, ASD Lighting PLC

An incredible insight into the drive and passion in the sighting specifier community for innovation and creativity in the workspace without compromise to the well being of our people and our planets future.
Mark Bonner, Data Centre and Specification, Signify UK

Good to see so many organisations showing a genuine interest in circular issues and the passion and enthusiasm for change.
Tony Stones, Director, COCO lighting ltd

Individual businesses will not achieve circular economy on their own, we all need to buy in.
Richard Kemp, Head of Innovation, Ansell Electrical Products Limited

Great to see this coming to the forefront of the industry. I think this has opened a lot of eyes to the magnitude of the task ahead, and also shown that it is not an impossible goal. A lot of people have realised we are not where we’d like to be and we need to start/accelerate our movement in the right direction. The conference offers a great chance for people to journey together and support one another in this critical area.
Gareth Andrew Davies, Principal Lighting Consultant, Stantec

A great event, Circular Lighting, and the benefits of Repair and Remanufacture are subjects that have often been missed by building users, Clients, specifiers and designers. We need to make people aware of these options – services that Llumarlite has offered, saving client’s energy and resources, for 30 years.
Kevin Stubbs, Technical Manager , Llumarlite

Heart warming to see so many professionals sharing ideas and thoughts to – sLIGHTly – improve the world!
Stef Potters, Head of Technical Support EMEA, OSRAM Digital Systems

Circular Lighting Live pulled together a great selection of varied speakers with insightful input on all areas of the issue of how the lighting industry can adapt to the circular economy model. Challenging stuff for product designers, procurement, manufacturing, lighting designers & installers.
Andrew Ives. Product Design Consultant, Ives Product Design

A great opportunity to understand the behaviours and thinking of lighting designers. Jonathan Catchpole, System Architect, TE Connectivity

The event was everything I expected and More, really good to see the scope that was presented and the depth of views ranging from supplier through to installer and the expectations of like minded piers in the Industry.
Darrell James West, Managing Director, ECO FIX UK LTD

Sustainability is a design ethos and it demands critical thinking – we should always start with the question ‘Do we need to light’.
Alexia Gkika, Senior Lighting Designer, Buro Happold

Wow! So much knowledge being shared. To see the whole industry working together for a more sustainable future is really inspiring.
Murray Ward, Founder, Matt Black

Best circular economy event I have ever been to.
Scott Pengelly, Project Manager, DFL-UK

Circular Lighting Live blew me away – the smarts, passion and presentations were eye-wateringly mature compared to other market sectors. Honest and inspiring, the industry efforts of the presenters and their circular pathfinding exemplars were incredibly encouraging and the calibre of the conference content, coordination, audience and marketing were all of an exceptionally high standard.
Chaline Church, Founding Partner, 540 WORLD

The move to sustainable, reusable, or refurbished lighting could be the next biggest opportunity for Lighting Manufacturers to add real value to the industry since the adoption of LEDs
Matt Hill, CEO, LUX-TSI Ltd

This was one of the best conferences in lighting I have been to. The quality of all speakers and the content they delivered was very high.
Michael Gorman, Director, EPME LTD

We have an opportunity to drive a sustainable business future. All products being installed need to be repairable and re-useable.
Andy Rogers, M&E Manager, City of London

The time has come for the industry to take sustainability seriously, we need to work together to achieve common goals and the desire to do this was clear from the conference.
Lewis Smith, Managing Director, SDA

The event was very insightful and informative with a great variety of topics all with the common goal of providing sustainable lighting projects in the future.
Paul McDermott-Roe, Sales Manager, Prime Light Electrical Ltd

The circular economy is in all of our hands and it’s our collective responsibility to make sure our industry moves quickly to the forefront of the subject.
Martyn Wherry, Commercial Director, Glamox Luxonic Ltd

I left Circular Lighting Live energised, excited and with a head full of ideas…can’t wait for next year!
Tom Ruddell, Lead Remanufacture Engineer, EGG Lighting


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