Circular Lighting Live 24 | Programme

The programme for Circular Lighting Live is curated by Ray Molony and the Recolight event team. We use delegate feedback to deliver a programme tailored for you: the challenges you’re facing, and the topics you need to understand more.

8am Registration, exhibition and coffee | Osler Room

9.05am The hierarchy of lighting
Reduce, Reuse, Remanufacture, Replace, Recycle…What do you prioritise when it comes to specifying luminaires? Here Nigel Harvey, chief executive officer of Recolight, unveils an initiative from the organisation to help all lighting professionals set the right priorities for sustainable lighting. 

9.25am Buckle up! The EU and UK regulatory roadmap
The traffic of environmental and circular economy legalisation is set to intensify in the coming years. The EU, for instance, is enacting no fewer than 135 different green laws affecting manufacturers. Here Neil McLean, chairman of the LIA’s sustainability working group and industry relations manager, Europe and Asia, at Lutron, gives us an essential update on regulations that will affect everyone in the supply chain. 

9.45pm Going green: The perfect world versus the real world
Glamox has spent the last five years integrating sustainability into its everyday practice. This has included producing EPDs for its ranges, redesigning luminaires for circularity and targeting net zero in its operations. Here Birger Holo, group technical director, shares the company’s learnings and insights from its environmental journey.  

10.00am How to make Cat A waste history
Every week, some 100,000 luminaires are removed from ceilings throughout the UK with the vast majority ending up in the waste steam. A particular problem is Cat A fit-outs where new and nearly-new lights are discarded. Here a representative of the End Cat A Lighting campaign takes us through the organisation’s strategic plan to end the practice.

10.20am How each light will get a passport
Each luminaire is set to get its own ‘passport’ under the Materials Passports initiative pioneered by the London specification community. The concept is that comprehensive information about each element of a building – from the bricks to the carpet – is available so that it will be easier to reuse when the building is redeveloped or demolished. Here Rachel Hoolahan, associate at architectural practice Orms outlines how the scheme will work. 

11.20am Take Back Schemes: Making them work
An increasing number of suppliers and manufacturers are offering take-back schemes which agree to accept returned end-of-life luminaires, sometimes for a cash payment or credit on future purchases. Our speaker will explain how the company’s scheme works, and what it means for the future of luminaire design and manufacture.

11.40am Urban mining for lights
Traco UK is an ‘urban miner’, a company which finds and rescues components from commercial interiors, including luminaires. The company has 10 years experience is removing lights from office interiors and finding homes for them. It even provides a rebate from the subsequent sale. Here company founder Jason Bentley explains how the business works and how it can help the lighting industry go circular.

11.55pm Navigating the label jungle
‘We’re so proud to be awarded a silver EcoVadis rating!!’ Every week it seems that another lighting manufacturer is boasting of a new environmental certification. But which rating is a genuine reflection of sustainability, and which have resonance with specifiers and clients such as local authorities? These are the questions that this special presentation will set out to answer.

12.10pm Bio materials in lighting
Do bio-plastics stand up to scrutiny as a material for luminaire housings, components and optics? In this special presentation, our speaker explores materials for luminaires made from biological substances and looks at the technical challenges in using them in the lighting industry.

12.25pm Remarkable lighting – Sustainably printed
Artificial intelligence and bio materials are set to transform the 3D printing of luminaires in the years to come. The technology will increasingly give lighting designers the creative freedom to produce bespoke luminaires for their projects. Bart Maeyens, head of 3D Printing at Signify, on an AI future that’s closer than we think.

12.50 Q&A

1.00pm Lunch and exhibition | Osler Room

2pm Metrics: Are we comparing like with like? 
As recent study found that the amount of embodied carbon in a luminaire calculated with TM65 is around 68 per cent higher than those calculated with LCA; while self-assessed metrics can have wide variations depending on interpretation of the questions. Our speaker asks: are we getting it right with environmental measures?

2.20pm The future of luminaire design
To be truly sustainable, luminaires need to evolve into products which can be easily disassembled, repaired, upgraded and reused. They also need to materials and processes with minimal environmental impact. Here we look under the bonnet of three ground-breaking lights designed for sustainability. 

2.50pm Q&A 

3.00pm Coffee, networking and exhibition

3.30pm Keynote: Is AI the next revolution in sustainable design?
Digitalisation is driving the next industrial revolution. Today, Artificial Intelligence is leading this transformation with unprecedented speed which is impacting the lighting industry at every level. Here Signify’s chief design officer, Ton Borsboom, will explore how we can harness these powerful new tools to accelerate the process of product development, project lighting design and lighting application towards a sustainable outcome.

4.00pm Sustainable lighting: Making it happen in the real world
We explore a series of case studies where the design team has demonstrated that with determination and buy-in from all stakeholders, commercially successful, environmentally responsible projects are possible.

4.40pm Recyclers: How manufacturers can help us – by recyclers
A leading recycler of luminaires spells out how manufacturers can make their products easier to reprocess. He will outline the often simple measures that light makers can take that will have a big impact.

4.50pm PANEL DISCUSSION: Getting the supply chain on board
How can the supply chain work better together to drive change in a commercially and environmentally sustainable way? What are the cultural, legislative and technical barriers? And what are the opportunities? Our panel consists of an FM, electrical contractor, client, architect, designer and manufacturer. 

5.20pm DRINKS RECEPTION | Osler Room 

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