Tiphaine Treins

Tiphaine Treins

Lighting Studio Director at Temeloy

Tiphaine Treins, founder and principal of Temeloy Eco-lighting Innovator, is a leading -edge lighting designer who integrates state-of-the art technology with innovation, beauty, creativity and sustainability. Treins, a French national, is currently based in London. Her unique lighting signature can be found on homes, luxury boutiques, superyachts, parks, museums, exhibitions and events all around Europe.

Prior to specialising in lighting design, Treins worked in a contemporary art gallery and as project manager for an installation artist. She feels her nine years working in the art world enhanced her ability to think on a multi-dimensional level.

Treins founded Temeloy Lighting in 2009 and has since been involved with a roster of diverse clients and demanding projects. At Temeloy, Treins focuses on improving, evolving and innovating lighting design. Temeloy endeavours to create excitement with original lighting concepts that elicit an emotional and visceral response. To that end, Treins has developed a platform of “augmented architecture”. In short, she ensures architecture and lighting solutions interact with their surroundings. Once that occurs, any given space will, no doubt, create a richer experience to the passer by. A good example is the Grande Epicerie’s living façade in Paris where the plants evolve and grow with the seasons. Treins also implemented augmented architecture at the 2012 “Renault Car Show” and with the exceptional dome at the Elephant Paname Art Center.

Treins feels all big picture ideas require a holistic approach. Key to this is the ability to listen, and communicate, before implementing your ideas. Treins also feels it is of paramount importance to develop strong relationships, respect and trust with the people with whom you are working.

In 2018, together with Nicolas Martin, LVMH lighting manager and director of environment, Treins created a “think tank” and a program called Lighting for Good with the object of establishing an “eco gold standard” for suppliers of lighting fixtures. Eco-design, eco-lighting, and sustainability is something that Treins not only encourages but also strives for with all of her work.

Treins is committed to creating and delivering outstanding results to each and every project that she manages. Her passion and dedication are evident in her work. She puts her all into creating something extraordinary. For Treins lighting is not a superficial enhancement to a space, but something that truly makes a space come alive.