Seán Campbell

Seán Campbell

Seán is responsible for Road lighting project across Ireland as Key Account Manager.

With over 26 years in the electrical industry internationally from Ireland to Australia and across Britian. He has worked across multiple disciplinary from domestic, commercial and industrial installations as a qualified Electrician & Electrical Engineer.

Seán has studied in a number fields over the years including a Master’s degree in Energy management, Degrees in Electrical Services Engineering & recently a first class honours in International business which he uses in his project works for Signify Ireland. Seán is a current committee member of Engineers Ireland & past chair of the ILP Ireland committee where he served for over 5 years and a member of the Energy Institute in London.

Seáns Lighting designs across Ireland have won awards from energy bodies over the years.  Seán is excited for the here and now in the lighting industry with innovations in technology that are CE marked & advances in energy efficient lighting solutions that are already reducing waste, reusing existing assets while offering extended life cycle to assets that have already added value to the end user. Seán is concerned about the environment and climate change, he sees the lighting industry as a stepping stone for reducing waste across all sectors of society.