John Bullock

John Bullock

The Light Review

John trained to become an electrical engineer (1970-1975) but fell in love with the world of lighting manufacture (1979 – 1984). Circumstances led me him lighting design in 1984 and the broad and narrow ways of a professional career led him eventually to Dorset (1999-present) and the establishment of jb-ld back in 1998 - or thereabouts . . . a decent amount of time ago, anyway.

Lighting design work continues to be a passion. John has built a reputation as the foremost lighting designer in Dorset, working on some fine residential projects designed by top quality, imaginative, architects. John came to residential lighting quite late, as his lighting studio in London focused specifically on commercial projects. He loves the amount of detail that residential projects bring with them. These building sites eventually turn into someone's home and the conversations round the kitchen table that lead to that final hand-over are a joy. No, not all the time, that would be asking too much!

John is enjoying a parallel career as a lighting commentator, working for one of the major UK lighting magazines (2016-2018). That came to its inevitable end at the beginning of 2019, but the experience of doing that kind of work has rubbed off on him and he decided to carry on with commentary and campaigning for Good Lighting via The Light Review, an on-line magazine that focuses on what it takes to create the kind of lighting scheme that everyone can be proud of - not a situation that is always the case, He sorry to say, given the way that many projects are allowed to fail as a consequence of poor planning and execution.