Irene Mazzei

Irene Mazzei, KTP Associate at Edinburgh Napier University

Irene is a PhD Chemist with a strong materials science background. The projects she’s worked on have always had sustainability as a backbone, and spaced from gas capture and separation to feedstock valorisation considering the principles of Green Chemistry. She is strongly motivated by the need to have concrete initiatives to promote sustainability and recognises the importance of raising awareness on how much human activities have an impact on the environment. Recognising the crucial role that light plays in modern society, she has been working as a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Associate with Edinburgh Napier University and Stoane Lighting on a project focused on the development of a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology specific for the lighting industry. To do so, she has been working in direct contact with lighting designers and manufacturers, quantifying the environmental impact of their products using LCA and other methodologies. She is also involved in the dissemination of her LCA studies, academically and commercially.