Craig Stead

Craig Stead

Director of Business Development at Clevertronics UK & ICEL Council member

Since joining the Clevertronics team in 2020, I have learned a lot about emergency lighting becoming very passionate about life safety and raising the bar on emergency lighting compliance in the UK. I am proud to be leading the Clevertronics UK team and work within a truly dedicated and innovative culture that strives to make emergency lighting simpler and more effective.

My background spans over 30+ year in the industry, having worked in a variety of sectors within the lighting market including wholesale, specifier, major projects, architectural and end user. Additionally, I have worked in different regional markets including the USA, Europe and the UK facilitating commercial lighting for large corporate businesses, smaller companies plus running my own business for a while.

Something you may not know about me is I have spent most of my life studying Chinese martial arts and have two black belts and one second dan. At home my family and I are keen followers of football (soccer) and “Marching on Together” is a song you’ll hear often sung loudly on weekends.

The introduction of Clevertronics into the UK market has redefined the way emergency lighting is specified, installed and managed. It’s incredibly important to me that Clevertronics continues to build on its success and foster an amazing team and collaborative spirit - I love that Tony Todaro (Clevertronics owner and Managing Director) holds the same values and believes this also.